Palina Rojinski: She hopes "that we will take something good with us from this time"

Even in difficult times, Palina Rojinski is optimistic about the future. "I hope we can take something good from this time."

Millions look forward to the most beautiful time of the year and hope to have a common celebration with their loved ones. Palina Rojinski (35) is no exception. "I love Christmas", explains the presenter and actress as part of the Milka Christmas campaign "Give to those who give from the heart". With the campaign, the 35-year-old and Milka want to give people the impetus to give something back to their personal hero and to say "Thank you for everything" in this special year.

Which heroes would you like to thank personally?

Palina Rojinski: Heroism doesn't have to be anything big for me. I think it starts with very, very small things. For example, if you manage not to create a bad mood, even if it is not so easy for many. I think it helps us all if you like a lighthouse infect people with happy and friendly thoughts and small deeds. My favorite supermarket cashier is just as much a person who, in contrast to the usual Berliner Schnauze, is simply kind and warm and has a smile for everyone.

Should we just say thank you more often this year?

Rojinski: When you are grateful, you are more humble towards your neighbors, your fellow human beings and yourself, and you are much more aware of one another. That brings people closer together. With a safety margin, of course.

What does Christmas mean to you?

Rojinski: It's the time of the year when we can all relax, spend time with our loved ones, give something back and have very tasty food on the table. I always look forward to it.

The Advent season will soon begin. How are you going to spend these days?

Rojinski: First of all, I still have a lot to do, which of course is a bit more complicated than usual under the Corona measures. But towards the end of the year it will be quieter for me too and I will let this special year end relaxed.

The Christmas markets have been canceled, are you disappointed?

Rojinski: That is of course a shame, but it is necessary. I hope everyone for whom this is an important part of their income gets the help they need.

Which Christmas treats can you not do without?

Rojinski: vanilla croissants and tangerines. Maybe this year I'll also try baking my first vanilla croissants.

There were a lot of restrictions this year. What was it that particularly struck you?

Rojinski: I was lucky, I had turned off my most important projects before the first lockdown, but I have a lot of friends in the hospitality and live entertainment industries who are really tough. And I absolutely miss normal social life.

How do you like to pass the time at home?

Rojinski: Chill and relax. In between a little sport and then relax again. And I like to cook!

What are you most looking forward to after this special time?

Rojinski: I hope that we will take something good with us from this time, that we treat our nature, our loved ones, our time and ourselves as a whole much more appreciatively, and that we will find more space for our good human values ​​and qualities – because we are all probably well cleaned out have during lockdown.