Pamela Rose on Canal+: was the series filmed in the United States?

“Pamela Rose, the series” arrives this evening on Canal+ with Kad Mérad and Olivier Baroux in great form as agents Bullit and Riper. Taking place in the United States, was the fiction actually filmed there?

Monday November 20, 2023, Bullit and Riper are making their big comeback! Canal+ offers its subscribers the opportunity to discover from 9:06 p.m. Pamela Rose, the series with Olivier Baroux and Kad Mérad in the main roles. The actors reprise their iconic roles, popularized thanks to the films But Who Killed Pamela Rose? and But who killed Pamela Rose again?.

Kad Mérad and Olivier Baroux reunite “Pamela Rose

Here, we find the heroes a few years after their last cinematic escapades (and a podcast!). To escape punishment from the FBI disciplinary committee, agents Richard Bullit and Douglas Riper return to the field. They must stop a mysterious serial killer who is attacking internet star YouTubers.

An investigation made all the more complicated by the fact that the two agents hide the blunder they made by causing, despite themselves, the accidental death of their first suspect. Which does not fail to arouse the suspicions of Jessica Carson, their young rival at the FBI…

Taking up all the codes of American series and cleverly playing with clichés of the genre (replicas, plans, settings, etc.), Pamela Rose, the series gives the public the illusion of following a real fiction made in USA. But was the series really filmed on the other side of the Atlantic?

Where was it filmed?Pamela Rose, the series“?

The answer is no ! The project was in fact canned in France in its entirety. Pamela Rose’s teams, the series therefore went around fifty kilometers from Paris, to Noisiel, to the former headquarters of Nestlé France. The exterior scenes were recorded in the Paris region.

On the casting side, the duo Olivier Baroux and Kad Mérad surrounded themselves with acolytes, most of whom have always been fans of the franchise. In the credits of Pamela Rose, the series, viewers will see Shirine Boutella, Mélanie Doutey, Ophélia Kolb, Panayotis Pascot, Claudia Tagbo, Mister V, Lionel Abelanski and even Stéphan Wojtowicz. Many surprise guests will also be there!

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