Pantone unveils the flagship colors of 2021

That's it: Pantone, the color specialist, has unveiled next year's flagship shade. And in 2021, a chromatic duo will be in the spotlight.

2020 is (finally) coming to an end, and like every year for twenty years, the Pantone Color Institute expert has revealed not one, but two flagship colors for 2021 (a first for 20 years). These are "Ultimate Gray" gray and "Illuminating" yellow, two shades described as "illuminating". Their alliance brings strength and optimism, but above all, "resilience and hope", according to Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute. A symbolic choice for the long-awaited New Year?

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The not-so-hidden meaning of Pantone colors

In 2020, the American Oracle chose a "Classic Blue" as its flagship color, a royal blue whose somewhat boring tone was presented as soothing and serene. She had to emphasize "our desire for a reliable and stable foundation on which to build on the threshold of a new era". Clearly, provide a reassuring feeling. A visionary choice.

Remember that to define the color of the year, Pantone experts analyze trends around the world. They seek new chromatic influences, draw inspiration from all creative sectors (fashion, new artists, cinema) but also new lifestyles, technologies and socio-economic conditions.


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