“Panzerknacker” helped – the mystery of the mysterious EVN safe was revealed

At the end of November, EVN started – as reported – the search for tank crackers. You should open a forgotten safe. The 800 kilo safe stood for decades at the power plant site of the former coal / gas power plant Peisching. The contents were not known, and the key to the safe could not be found. Alexander Sigan is one of the “top tank crackers” in Europe. It paved the way to the mysterious content.

In order to open the safe without damage, the safe was brought from the Peisching power plant to its future exhibition location in the Zwentendorf nuclear power plant. After a call from EVN spokesman Stefan Zach, the “Panzerknacker hotline” ran hot: “People love secrets! Seldom has a report outside of our core business caused so much excitement, ”emphasizes Zach. Because the phone rang continuously for days. Zach speaks of a lot of “nice and funny calls.” “I know someone who can do that …” At the same time, it made him a little thoughtful how often he heard the sentence: “I know someone who can do that …” has. Apparently there are many tank crackers in our country, or at least many people “who are interested in technology and locks,” smiles Zach. The EVN spokesman was able to locate the Lower Austrian Alexander Sigan as an absolute expert. The specialist from Tresorservice Unger was one of the few who dared to open the safe without using force, after all, the beautiful, historical piece should not be damaged. An art that not many have mastered today. Across Europe, there shouldn’t even be a dozen people here who can open a safe undamaged. And Alexander Sigan kept his promise: after meticulous preparation he was able to open the safe in no time without damaging it! Speculations about mysterious content The speculations on the net ranged from “there will be nothing in it” to “old shares” to “company documents” . “Unfortunately, we have to disappoint all those who expected gold,” says spokesman Zach. “The safe contained old company documents, identity cards, empty coin cases and two spare keys – but not for this safe. Also of interest is a golden brooch that we have to take a closer look at. “
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