Paris Jackson: It gives very private insights into a new documentary series

In the first episode of her documentary series "Unfiltered", Paris Jackson spoke more openly than ever about her love life and her sexuality.

The multi-part documentary series "Unfiltered: Paris Jackson & Gabriel Glenn" tells the musical journey of the couple. Together, Paris Jackson (22) and Gabriel Glenn are the Indiefolk duo The Soundflowers, who recently released their first EP. The first episode of the documentary was published on Facebook (June 30th) via Facebook Watch. It is entitled: "Who is Paris Jackson?" In about 18 minutes, the daughter of the late King of Pop, Michael Jackson (1958-2009), gives private insights into her emotional world. She speaks openly about her sexuality and reveals intimate details that she has not yet revealed to the public.

"I was with more women than men"

For example, Paris Jackson says that she was attracted to women at a young age. Since she saw mostly women and men together on television, these feelings would have made no sense to her. Papa Michael recognized this early on when she was eight or nine years old because she was more interested in the women in the gossip magazines. The 22-year-old also says that she used to think she would marry a woman. "I was with more women than men," said Paris Jackson.

The public knows nothing of most of their relationships, she says. Only three longer relationships with men are known. But she couldn't really define her own sexuality. "I wouldn't call myself bisexual because I wasn't just dating men and women. I was dating a man who had a vagina," says the 22-year-old. For her, it's not about what a person has "in their pants", but about the character.

Gabriel "Gabe" Glenn met her two years ago. Apparently it was love at first sight, because within a week she had moved in with him in his van. For them, gift is their home. The last home she knew was given to her by her father. At the beginning of the episode, she says about the last eleven years after his death in 2009: "I went through hell!" If she didn't talk about it or process it in her music, it would destroy her life. Then she was "a slave to this pain" and she wanted to prevent that.

For a long time, Paris Jackson didn't allow himself to try as a musician. For fear of living only in the shadow of her famous father and his legacy. The pressure seems enormous. Will The Soundflowers Succeed? More episodes will follow.