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Jean-Jacques Goldman, Johnny Hallyday, Florent Pagny… During his career, Patrick Fiori sang with the greatest. If at 54, the singer was very successful, he was not immediately able to make a living from his passion for music. Sunday January 28, 2024, on the set ofA Sunday in the countrysideon France 2, that he agreed to talk about his childhood. “I sang a lot in the corridors, much to the despair of the people who were there to educate us and teach us about school!”he confided with a smile on his lips, before slipping: “But when they kicked me out, like, ‘Get out of class, you’re disrupting everyone,’ it was surprising because when I sang, I looked up and saw the faces of the students and teachers who were still listening to me. It was funny ! So I said to myself: ‘Finally, it must be interesting’.” As a child, Patrick Fiori loved to sing opera arias and was not interested in school. “I’m not hooked because I have music in my head all day and I can’t get out of it”he said.

Patrick Fiori: “I managed to get some money”

Desiring at all costs to become a singer, the famous coach of The Voice Kids started writing texts at 8-9 years old. “I was asked the question: what do you want to do as a career? I answered singer. ‘Yes, but apart from that, what do you want to do?’ I said: ‘But what, other than that?’ I started singing, but I didn’t make a living at all.”before indicating: I found odd jobs: moving with my father, I had a cousin who was a mason, a friend who was an electrician. I managed to have a little money to buy microphones and pianos to perform and advance in music”. With the help of those close to him, the artist was finally able to self-produce the title Stephaniein 1987. “Apart from my parents, no one believed in me, I was a singer, a young kid passing through. So the whole family put in money”, he confided with emotion. Sold 15,000 copies, it was a regional success. I knocked on doors, I said: ‘I’m a singer, if that’s any fun for the holidays’. So, I had accumulated money that I wanted to give back to the family.”he recalled before specifying that she had not wanted to be reimbursed.

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