Paul McCartney: His famous ex remarries … with a 36 year old man!

Heather Mills, 53, wanted to get a message across the streets of London! The ex-wife of Paul McCartney who has found love again with 36-year-old businessman Mike Dickman has appeared in a white dress, proof of her new love life. The couple declared themselves “happier than ever“and seem to be having happy days around the world, like in Dubai last January.

This is a third marriage for the one who married the Beatles dubbed Sir Paul McCartney in 2002 and from which their daughter Beatrice was born, 18 years old today. And we thought it was the last for Heather who said at the time “Never again ! “The divorce of the couple in 2008 had allowed him to touch the sum of 24.3 million pounds (29 million euros).

A pupil of the prestigious Sevenoaks School at 40,000 pounds a year, Mike Dickman is the eldest son of an insurance manager. He was the star of the soccer, golf and cricket teams before continuing his education at Durham University.

Far from such a radiant youth, Heather tells in her autobiography that she fled the family home as a teenager to live on the streets and escape the violence and abuse of her father.

In April 2019, Mike was working in marketing and video games, when, on his way home from a boozy family meal, he meets Heather and Beatrice on the train around a game of Uno. When they arrive in London, Heather gives Mike her business card and says: “Je find you sexy, contact me“All far from her daughter’s ears, of course!

A few weeks later the couple are seen kissing together at the Lola’s Cupcakes stand at St Pancras station. Heather falls for the young businessman, 17, her junior and with an uneventful past in love. And it’s reciprocal: she had once confided to having made all the men with whom she had made love want to get married in a week!

Heather Mills has already crushed director Chris Terrill, media manager Marcus Stapleton and businessman Raffaele Mincione in the past. Her first marriage at 21 to Alfie Karmal had lasted 2 years.

Heather is now a strong supporter of animal rights and veganism. She is also famous for the support of amputees, having herself experienced a serious car accident in 1993. In her preparation for the Paralympic Games, she had also experienced a painful skiing accident in 2011.

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