Pension reform: security assessment after a night of protest

William Molinié with AFP
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08:57, March 21, 2023

The French Parliament definitively adopted the pension reform on Monday, after the rejection of two motions of censure. Nevertheless, the protests continue and turn out to be violent. Some 287 people were arrested across France on Monday evening, including 234 in Paris.

The pension reform was definitively adopted on Monday evening, but the demonstrators continued to express their dissatisfaction in several cities in France. Some 287 people were arrested Monday evening, including 234 in Paris. Overturned and burned trash cans, barricades, throwing projectiles… Firefighters and police spent the evening trying to contain the overflows.

The same scenes of burning barricades have been repeated since last Thursday. These spontaneous gatherings are coordinated from digital messaging, which complicates the intervention of the police, more projected in reaction than in a logic of anticipation. These late-night gatherings mainly bring together young people from the ultra-left movement where a few hardened yellow vests. There are a few hundred of them, at most in the largest cities, but their ability to destroy street furniture is significant.

4,000 to 7,000 demonstrators expected Wednesday afternoon

They act in clusters, they are very mobile. According to a report from the Parisian firefighters, consulted by Europe 1, the firefighters must put out around fifty fires in the capital. Territorial intelligence foresees new actions in Paris. Between 4,000 and 7,000 demonstrators are expected late Wednesday afternoon at Place de la République.

The police prefecture’s crisis unit will once again be armed around Laurent Nunez, the police prefect, who systematically and in person monitors the operation of maintaining order.

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