Pensioner robbed – senior locks the thief in the bedroom

A scene like in a film: In the middle of his own house, a Salzburg man made of gneiss bravely faced three criminals. Aware of the danger, he got ahead of one of the thieves and unceremoniously locked him in the bedroom. While he was informing the police, the perpetrator jumped from the first floor and escaped.

The 82-year-old was visibly surprised when the thief trio faced him on Thursday afternoon. The three perpetrators were able to penetrate the house in Salzburg-Gneis through an unlocked door unnoticed and enriched themselves with jewelry in the five-digit euro range. Even if the open door was an easy game: With the help of a neighbor, the two Romanian accomplices (26 and 29) were captured along with part of the booty. So far, however, there is no trace of the refugee from the bedroom.

Sharp decline in burglaries due to Covid
Even if dusk falls in the cold season, the number fell significantly last year, according to the police. There were over 80 percent fewer unauthorized access between November 2020 and January of this year. The reason for this big decline: Most people in Salzburg stayed at home in the evening due to the Covid measures.

Nevertheless, this year the police are increasingly warning that break-ins can be prevented through joint prevention by the police and the population.

Fabienne Gruber
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