Perpetrator on the run – 17-year-old choked after a refused hug

An unusual incident occurred in the Auen district of Villach on Monday afternoon. A hitherto unknown man wanted to hug a 17-year-old, but when he fended off the action, he began to choke the boy.

According to his own statements, the 17-year-old Villacher was approached by a man he did not know in Auen on Monday around 3 p.m. and asked to come closer. Subsequently, the stranger tried to hug the boy, but he fought off the closeness and pushed the man away, whereupon he became aggressive.

“He started to choke the 17 year old. While trying to free himself, the victim fell to the ground and injured his hand, ”says a police officer. The perpetrator fled. Further surveys are ongoing.

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