Perpetrator researched – 16-year-old hit asylum seekers (27) in the face

The police were able to investigate a 16-year-old Syrian from Linz after he hit a 27-year-old Iranian from the Gmunden district in the face with his fist and injured him.

At the beginning of October, a 27-year-old Iranian asylum seeker from the Gmunden district was attacked by a group of young people and hit in the face with full force by an unknown perpetrator from the group. There was no trace of the perpetrator. After extensive investigations by the Gmunden police in close cooperation with colleagues from the SPK Linz, the previously unknown group of nine young people from Linz was found to be a 16-year-old Syrian citizen from Linz. As a motive, he stated that after a previous dispute, he believed that the 27-year-old would pull a weapon or other dangerous object from behind his body. The 16-year-old confesses to assault.
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