Pippi Longstocking – the heroine turns 75

"2 x 3 makes 4, widdewiddewitt and 3 makes 9e"

– at least when it comes to the superhero with the freckles and the wild braids: Pippi Longstocking turns 75 – and is still far from retiring!

That's why we love them

Pippi Longstocking doesn't fight nasty bad guys or has to save the world from doom. She is a different kind of heroine: In 1945 she became the first female protagonist in a book that was not well-behaved and adapted. Quite the contrary: she never does what she can think of to say about a spell, breaks rules and upholds her wife – at a time when girls weren't allowed to do everything. A girl who lives alone and takes care of herself? Thank you Pippi Longstocking for a long time …

What we can learn from Pippi Longstocking

Courageous, independent and strong – that's how we know the freckled Pippi Longstocking. The redhead saw the light of day in Sweden 75 years ago and has since fascinated generations of boys and girls all over the world with his adventures and courage. Over the years she has not only become a children's book heroine, but also a series and film star. No wonder: With their charm and quick wit, you just have to love them. We can all learn a lot from her – whether young or old:

I make the world for myself, I dedicate it as I like it

Pippi is not only strong (and can even raise a horse!), She also lives according to her own rules – without abandoning her friends, of course.

Hey, Pippi Longstocking hollahi hollaho holla hoppsasa

Sleep with your feet on the pillow, snack on forbidden sweets or a horse as a pet – Pippilotta Viktualia Rollgardina Peppermint Efraim's daughter Longstocking is as idiosyncratic and imaginative as her name.

Hey, Pippi Longstocking, she does what she likes.

The tough redhead is bursting with energy and confidence, from which we are happy to cut off a slice: "We have never tried this, so it is certainly going well" – we should probably take that to heart much more often. Pippi goes her way no matter what others say. An ointment against freckles? Not with Pippilotta! They belong to her, like the horse and the monkey to the Villa Kunterbunt. The freckles, red hair and shoes that are too big are just right for Pippi, no matter what "belongs" to girls. Because heroes don't need capes, weapons or a fast car, they just need the courage to be themselves and to go their way … cheeky, wild and just wonderful.

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