Plastic Christmas tree: these are the most natural models

Plastic Christmas tree
The most beautiful alternatives to the natural Christmas tree

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A plastic Christmas tree is a practical alternative to the natural fir tree. We explain how sustainable an artificial tree can really be and what you should pay attention to when buying.

Christmas – that’s not just cookies and mulled wine until you drop, but also beautiful traditions: In addition to elves or the “Kevin at home” marathon, buying and decorating the Christmas tree is also part of it. More and more often she pulls too artificial alternative to the well-known Nordmann fir in our living rooms. But brings in Plastic Christmas tree really so many advantages with it? And what should I pay attention to when making a purchase? We clarify the most important questions – and show you the most beautiful models to shop again.

Buying a plastic Christmas tree: what to look out for

Many complain about one thing in particular about artificial Christmas trees: poor quality, which can quickly make a model look fake and “cheap”. So if you decide on a plastic Christmas tree, you should especially focus on the Look and details. Does the tree have many, branched branches or does it look empty and thin without jewelry? Are there color gradations for fir green or was only a single tone chosen? It can also make a big difference if, for example, the trunk or branches are imitated from wood.

It is also worth taking a closer look at the material: Most of the artificial fir trees are out flame retardant material and thus offer – in contrast to their natural relatives – more security between many candles and tea lights. When products are tested by TÜV or SGS, this is usually a good and safe sign of reliable quality.

Artificial Nordmann firs

The same applies to plastic Christmas trees: The models that are popular here are those of the well-known ones Nordmann fir are modeled on, i.e. bushy and expansive. Above all larger models look particularly impressive as a result.

You can buy a plastic Christmas tree in almost any size. Trees that are 140 centimeters and larger are particularly suitable as a classic Nordmann fir. If you also have your Christmas tree with a top If you want to decorate, you should of course take this into account when buying. Even when choosing the right one fairy lights you can orientate yourself on the size of your tree: the bigger the fir tree, the longer your fairy lights should be.

Plastic Christmas trees with lights

If you don’t want to buy an additional string of lights for your tree, you can get one Plastic Christmas tree grab, which is already adorned with lights. Often these are not normal fairy lights, but small ones Lights that are wired directly into the tree – you can even save yourself the hassle of tangled cables.

Although a plastic Christmas tree doesn’t need needles, there is often one here too Tree rock with which you can cleverly hide the stand of the fir tree. Such underlays can simply – like a skirt – be placed around the stand and closed. This is how you can style your Christmas tree quickly and with little effort.

Artificial fir trees with snow

Granted: Christmas treesthat are covered in artificial snow are not for everyone. You can use these models to conjure up winter in your living room – even if it doesn’t look like a white Christmas outside. With white pine tips and scattered cones A plastic Christmas tree is particularly popular with nature lovers: inside.

Small plastic Christmas trees

There is also the perfect plastic Christmas tree for small corners and narrow living spaces – all in one smaller variant. These Sapling not only look good as a decorated Christmas tree, but also as a small decorative element, for example on stairs or window sills. There are also variants with and without integrated fairy lights.

How sustainable is a plastic Christmas tree really?

Sustainability is often the background thought when buying an artificial Christmas tree. In 2019, around 29.8 million Christmas trees sold – to meet this demand, over 2 million trees are imported annually. At first glance, a plastic Christmas tree makes a lot of sense because it can be reused every year. In this way you can “save” natural trees that usually only stand in the living room for a few weeks or even days and are then disposed of.

In addition, there are no recurring Transportation costs, through which CO2 can be saved: A plastic Christmas tree usually only has to be transported once from the dealer to the seller and then to your home. In addition, the is also omitted Manufacturing process – and a plastic Christmas tree does not have to be taken care of all year round.

But because artificial firs also have to go through manufacturing and transport routes and thus cause an ecological footprint, you have to reuse them for a correspondingly long time in order to achieve a positive ecological effect. There is no precise time span for this – but many studies are based on values between ten and twenty years. Both figures are only guidelines; In a specific case, the calculation depends on various factors, such as how a comparable Christmas tree is grown, transported and disposed of.

That’s why a plastic Christmas tree is worth it

So an artificial Christmas tree is especially worthwhile if you have one over a Long period of time used away. In this way you can save not only CO2, but also costs and effort. You also no longer have to worry about ecological disposal and the annoying need to collect. In relation to its size, a plastic Christmas tree is often relatively easy, can be quickly assembled and dismantled and stowed away.

If natural fir trees are in a warm apartment, they dry out quickly and can easily become one Fire hazard – even if you are not using real candles as tree decorations. A plastic Christmas tree, on the other hand, offers here higher security. Whichever Christmas tree you choose, be sure to keep it away from open flames and candles.

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