Pregnant, she discovers that she is married to her cousin without knowing it

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A young woman realized while looking for a name for her unborn baby that she and her husband were actually…cousins.

The word surprise can bring together a wide variety of things. And sometimes not very pleasant. Marcella Hill, future mother, and very active on social networks has made a discovery that is surprising to say the least. The date of his term approaching, the future mother and her husband began to look for a name for their baby. Both wanted to pay tribute to their elders by choosing a given name in their family. They therefore began to investigate to establish a list of first names borne by their grandparents, great-grandparents, etc. They each opened an account on the Family Search genealogy site. And they realized that their respective grandparents had the same name.

By studying their family tree, they realized that they were distant cousins. Her grandfather was actually his grandmother’s first cousin. They then called their respective ancestors to interrogate them. And they both answered in the affirmative, even adding that they even grew up together as children. Marcella and her husband are actually 3rd cousins.

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An “acceptable” degree of parenthood

The question that all his followers asked him was about their marriage. How, indeed, had they not realized earlier that they were cousins? Didn’t their respective grandparents come to the wedding? Marcella replied that they didn’t have didn’t have a great wedding and had simply said yes after work one day at the town hall. Their extended families had therefore never met. But if this big wedding had taken place and they had realized that they were cousins ​​before saying yes, she would still have chosen to marry her fiancé.

Indeed, their degree of kinship is not really rare, and does not present anygene related incompatibilities. In France, for example, their marriage would be authorized, unlike that between a brother and a sister, or between an uncle and his niece. As the Lilac Fairy in Donkey Skin said, “My child. You never marry your parents… But his cousins, it passes!

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