prepare to pay (very) dearly for the future subscription

Spotify code reveals new details about the platform’s Hi-Fi subscription. We learn of the existence of some features, but also of the expected price of the offer: 20 dollars per month. Which would make it an expensive subscription, more expensive than that of other services.

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We’ve been hearing about the arrival of HiFi on Spotify for years and for good reason: Spotify itself has been talking about it for almost three years. The problem is that the project has already been postponed and the platform had to confirm that it was still working on it a few months ago. Latest news to date: Spotify Hi-Fi would be launched this year. Its arrival seems to be confirmed since we already have an idea of ​​the price of the subscription which will allow you to benefit from it on the music streaming platform.

What the Spotify app code tells us

We knew that the special offer would be called “ Supremium» as revealed Bloomberg. Information corroborated by the discoveries of Internet user Hypixely on Reddit, who recounts his discoveries in the code of the Spotify application. Named “ Nemo» internally, this would be a new subscription offered to users.

It would thus include 24-bit music in Lossless , or music without loss of quality. Spotify could also specify that “ their technology has no lag or delay “. No doubt to make the price pill go away, there should be other benefits offered with the subscriptionSupremium. Hypixely mentions in particular 30 hours of listening to audiobooks per month (accessible only for Individual, Duo and Family plan managers), or 20 hours for Premium accounts.

An extract from the source code of the Spotify application // Source: Hypixely on Reddit

In addition, users would be able to create playlists using AI, but also to filter their library according to their mood, activity or genre. His playlist could also be ordered according to his heart rate, whether the music is danceable or not, etc.Supremiumwould also offer advanced mixing tools.

20 dollars per month to enjoy the best quality on Spotify: it’s expensive

But the information we will remember is undoubtedly the price at which the subscriptionSupremiumcould be sold. Hypixely lists the price on Reddit as $19.99 per month, based on information it found in the app’s code. The Internet user specifies that this could just be a figure put in the application for configuration and not the final price.

Spotify on iOS
Source: Spotify

This corresponds to 18.80 euros according to the current price. The subscription would therefore be more expensive than the Premium offer, currently sold at 10.99 euros per month (after an increase two months ago). Thus, Spotify’s Hi-Fi offer would be more expensive than other platforms. For example, Deezer offers this quality at 11.99 euros, Apple Music is at 10.99 euros, just like Amazon Music.

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