PREVIEW Dying Light 2 Stay Human sets things on fire with its Firearms Update

Dying Light 2 Stay Human turned two years old at the beginning of the month and we must admit that Technology made it evolve over these two years, but it was probably nothing compared to there Firearms Update launched today. As its name suggests, it therefore introduces four types of firearms (at least initially), namely pistols, shotguns, SMG (submachine guns) and assault rifles. In addition to an advance presentation of these new features, we had the chance to try them with the controller in hand via a remote gaming solution (Parsec) during a cooperative session. Two different types of content were offered to us, to which we will return, where we were able to try these new toys. First of all, know that if shooting always requires the trigger RT / R2we can enter an aiming mode by pressing the right stick. This has the effect of moving the firearm to the center of the screen, removing the crosshairs. This is clearly a shot to be taken in both cases, since hitting the bull’s eye is in fact more difficult than with our usual equipment (bows and crossbows aside).

The developers have perfectly balanced the experience with these guns.

These are first two Combat Challenges which were offered to us. The objective is simple, but not necessarily easy to accomplish, namely to eliminate all the Infected in a predefined area and in a given time, with bronze, silver and gold levels offering points of Legend succeeding quickly. Quarantine Standoff thus reuses a building from GRE already well known to players and asks to kill 45 zombies by providing the four types of weapons with a certain number of ammunition. This is clearly a good appetizer to introduce them to us. Firearm Mayhem is much more violent and it took us several tries to overcome it. We are initially only armed with a pistol and the other weapons and ammunition must be collected in crates indicated by a green smoke bomb. The objective here is toeliminate three Wreckers level 9while managing the zombies that keep coming. If you thought adding guns would make your games too easy, you might want to change your mind soon after this, because we have to empty magazines of them before putting an end to the existence of these brutes. It’s actually quite rewarding and the scoring aspect will add even more replayability.

We then got to know I havenicknamed The Watcherwhich offers contracts to be carried out daily or weeklywith reward points RP. It also sells equipment and weapons, both firearms and non-fired, with a rank system.Agent and a currency of its own. It is also from him that we can stock up on ammunition if necessary, since he is the NPC who is used to introduce into the lore their presence at Villedor.

Dying Light 2 Stay Human Firearms Update preview 02 22 02 2024The other content that we then tried at length were THE Survivor Missionsnine in number and each of which has a version Elite. The first one that passed through our hands, Toxic Work Environment, consists of eliminating toxic Infected across a large area of ​​the city, except that the ground is largely covered in chemicals. Fans of “the floor is lava”, you are served! The second, Ferry Tale Endings, was a little more complex at the end. First, we need to collect supplies. Where it gets tricky is that we then have to protect a generator while hordes of enemies keep coming. Fortunately, we can use molotov cocktails and other tools that suit us to best control this crowd. By increasing the density of Infectedthe developers have perfectly balanced the experience with these guns. In addition, the groups of zombies that we encounter, even when replaying the same mission, can differ, enough to avoid fatigue.

Our impressions of these new features: Good!

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Without being a total game changer, we came away from this hour and a half session wanting to relaunch Dying Light 2 Stay Human and experiment more fully with all these new features, which integrate naturally into the game and should give it new replayability over time. For this second anniversary, it is therefore a great gift that the developers are offering to the fans.

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