Prince Charles: Criticism of "preferential treatment" in the Corona crisis

Prince Charles (71) has also been infected with the corona virus, as a spokesman for the British royal recently confirmed. This has now also resulted in a test. However, according to a report by "The Mirror", the Prince received such a quick test and result in such a rapid manner that many employees of the National Health Service are extremely pissed off. Did his status give him an advantage so that he could simply "push his way"?

The charge: A Clarence House statement reports that Charles has "mild symptoms" of the disease. Nevertheless, he received a test faster than NHS employees who suffer from more severe symptoms. However, according to the report, the British Health Minister Edward Argar (42) has commented on the matter and has contradicted the allegations.

It was all right

"The prince has not pushed forward," Argar is quoted as saying. According to his information, Charles' symptoms would have justified a test, it is said. He did not want to comment further on the topic.

Where exactly Prince Charles may have been infected is not known. However, he fell ill about two weeks after a meeting with Prince Albert of Monaco, 62, who was also infected with the coronavirus, as has been known since March 19. Prince Charles had greeted Albert at a charity event in London a few days earlier and was sitting directly opposite him. But an employee of the Buckingham Palace had also tested positive.