Prince George turns 8:10 10 unusual facts about the royal

Prince George
10 facts about third party in line to the British throne


Prince George will celebrate his eighth birthday on July 22, 2021. The son of Prince William and Duchess Catherine grows up knowing that one day he will be king. But how is the Cambridge offspring behind closed palace doors?

Prince George, 8, is said to be well aware of his role as a future monarch. As reported by the British media, his parents Prince William (39) and Duchess Catherine (39) told him in 2020 which way lies ahead of him.

But anyone who thinks of dusty rules and outdated educational methods is wrong. The eight-year-old has it all behind his ears and impresses Royal fans time and again with his childlike ease. Some facts about the third in line to the British throne are less well known. We introduce you to ten details from the life of the little prince.

Little is known about Prince George’s personal life

Most of the information comes from public meetings that William and Kate did on behalf of the Crown and chatted a little off the beaten track. They revealed what George calls his great-grandmother Queen Elizabeth (95) and that their eldest son loves to dance.

1. Prince George has his own nickname for the Queen

Queen Elizabeth may be a monarch, but for Prince George she is primarily his great-grandmother. No wonder then that the royal does not address the queen with her title. On the Queen’s 90th birthday, Duchess Catherine revealed the sweet nickname George has for his great-grandmother: “George is only two and a half and he calls her ‘Gan-Gan'”.

2. The royal offspring’s favorite food comes from Italy

Yes, Prince George will one day be monarch. Nevertheless, the upbringing of the eight-year-old is anything but conservative. As insiders report, William and Kate should orientate themselves more towards the educational style of the Middletons. That is why ordinary fast food and typical children’s food can also be on the table from time to time. Celebrity chef Aldo Zilli (64), who was allowed to cook for the Royals, learned from William himself what George’s absolute favorite dish is: Spaghetti carbonara.

3. Little charmer! George likes to spoil his mom with …

Prince George is supposed not only to love to eat spaghetti, but also to help his mother in the kitchen. Duchess Catherine revealed this in 2019 when she visited a London school. “She told us how much her children love cooking and how they cook for them,” recalls Matthew Kleiner-Mann. “The other day they made cheese spaetzle. One of them stirs the flour, one adds the milk and butter. And they make salads and such.”

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4. George loves to dance – and even takes lessons

The little royal can also use the delicious cheese spaetzle more than well. After all, he spends a lot of time outside with his siblings and exhausts himself to the full. Even at school, Prince George doesn’t always sit still. His classes not only include subjects such as math and history, but also ballet and drama. A hobby that he apparently inherited from Princess Diana († 36). “George likes to dance too, he loves it. And my mother always danced, she loved to dance,” explained Prince William.

5. Prince George is a big fan of airplanes

In addition to dancing, Prince George is particularly fascinated by helicopters and airplanes. Will the Cambridge offspring become a pilot one day? During a visit to the Royal International Air Tattoo 2016, George was already allowed to sit in a cockpit and could hardly wait. Turning to his mother, he asked at the time. “Mummy, can I fly the Red Arrow now?

6. Cheeky and happy

Such funny sayings are not uncommon with the Royal. Prince William’s son has a tough job and is sometimes described by his father as a “little rascal”. William himself is often reminded of his own childhood with brother Prince Harry (36) through his son’s behavior. A cute comparison!

7. The eight-year-old was considered a real fashionista at an early age

Even before his cheeky behavior, Prince George noticed one thing again and again: his cool look. Even as a baby he was very well dressed by Duchess Catherine and has always been considered a trendsetter for baby fashion. In 2015, George made it to number 49 on GQ’s “50 Best Dressed Men in Britain” list.

Prince George wearing shorts on the day he started school

8. His birthday was very special

July 22, 2013 was a special day not only for Duchess Catherine and Prince William. Millions of Royal fans looked forward to the birth of the heir to the throne. But what many do not know: With George’s birth, it was only the second time that three generations in direct succession were alive at the same time. This has happened only once before in the history of the British monarchy. Last time between 1894 and 1901 at the end of Queen Victoria’s reign.

9. “Baby on Board” has a completely different meaning for the Royal

Did Prince George’s enthusiasm for airplanes subconsciously stem from his first few months? At the age of nine months, the offspring accompanied his parents on trips to New Zealand and Australia. Practice early!

10. Kate and William’s son has seven godparents

The future monarch has seven godparents. Including some relatives and friends of Kate and William. Zara Tindall, Oliver Baker, Earl Grosvenor (Hugh), Jamie Lowther-Pinkerton, David Jardine-Paterson, Michael Samuel and William van Cutsem belong to the boy’s baptismal circle.

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