Prince Harry and Meghan Markle absent from the Superbowl: Fans disappointed, the couple reveals a good excuse

By Justine Texier


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They were conspicuous by their absence! While their fans were perhaps hoping to see them appear in the stands of the unmissable Superbowl this Sunday, February 11, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle did not make the trip to Las Vegas to attend the match. Luckily for them, they had a good reason…

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle absent from the Superbowl: Fans disappointed, the couple reveals a good excuse

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While we learned this weekend that Kate Middleton’s abdominal operation, about which we still don’t know much, was in “good path to healing” and that the duchess was finally able to leave her cottage to go to the countryside for a few days, on the other side of the Atlantic, we hoped to see Prince Harry and Meghan Markle! Expected by some fans at the Superbowl, this Sunday, February 11 , the couple ultimately did not make the trip to Las Vegas.

A disappointment for some, especially their fans who know that both love sport and who hoped to see them in the stands like many stars do. But the couple had much else to do: according to their representatives, they are very busy preparing for their trip to Canada this week.

Expected on February 14 in Vancouver for certain events of the first winter Invictus Games, they must indeed manage their luggage and the organization of this stay. During which they could, for the first time, take their children, Archie (4 and a half years old) and Lilibet (2 and a half years old) with them!

Almost always remaining in their Montecito mansion during their stays abroad, with the exception of their family visit to the Jubilee of Elizabeth II, the two toddlers are particularly protected from media coverage by their famous parents. But with this trip, which is so close to Prince Harry’s heart, it could be a great first time for them!

A visit to reconcile?

While waiting for this little stay, we imagine that Prince Harry must still recover from the 24 hours spent in the United Kingdom last week. Having left immediately after learning of the cancer of his father, King Charles, he only spent around thirty minutes with him before leaving to find his family, probably reassured about his state of health. A visit that would havevery happy” to the king, according to British media.

On the other hand, another convalescent did not have her visit: neither Kate Middleton, operated on in mid-January, nor Prince William crossed paths with the thirty-year-old. Still angry with him, they don’t seem to have taken the opportunity of this difficult start to the year to reconcile. But the course of King Charles’ illness could one day bring them closer together…

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