Prince Louis: will he get this title when Prince Andrew dies?

Prince Louis
Will he get that title when Prince Andrew dies?

Prince Louis

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Royale and noble titles are a complicated affair. This is also shown by a look at Prince Andrew’s legacy.

The title “The Duke of York” was first bestowed in 1385 and since then has generally gone to the second eldest son of the incumbent monarch. Prince Andrew, the second eldest son of Queen Elizabeth, has been the Duke of York since 1986 he will wear the title on the occasion of his wedding to Sarah Ferguson. He will wear it until his death. Since Prince Andrew has no son and his eldest daughter Princess Beatrice cannot inherit the title as a wife, the title reverts to the crown and can be used by the incumbent King (Charles or William) can be reassigned if necessary, but to whom?

Prince Andrew

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Prince Harry could become Duke of York according to tradition, but …

If Andrew dies during the reign of today’s Prince Charles, Prince Harry would be a candidate as his second-born. But there are two reasons that speak against it. Constitutional expert Iain MacMarthanne told the news website “”: “With Charles’ accession to the throne, Prince Harry, the Duke of Sussex, will become the sovereign’s second son and, according to custom, could become the next Duke of York, in addition to that that he is the Duke of Sussex. The fashion for creating multiple duchies, such as during the reign of [Queen] Victoria, however, is extinct. “In addition, the expert points out that Prince Harry has resigned from his royal duties, which makes taking over the York title additionally unlikely.

Prince Philip and Prince Charles

Does Prince Louis get the title?

Iain MacMarthanne therefore thinks that Prince Louis, the second-born son of Prince William, is currently the most likely candidate to become the next Duke of York. However, it will ultimately be the decision of the incumbent sovereign to decide what will happen to the title after Prince Andrew’s death. Should Prince Louis marry before Andrew dies, Louis would be given a different title of duke or “only” be made count. If Prince Andrew dies one day, Louis could be awarded the senior Duke of York retrospectively. This was demonstrated by Prince Edward, the Queen’s youngest son. He is the Earl of Wessex because he is waiting to be named Duke of Edinburgh one day.

Has Prince Andrew tarnished the title of Duke?

However, the question arises as to whether the title will pause with Prince Andrew’s death. After all, the current Duke of York resigned his royal duties in November 2019 until further notice – and that because of his controversial statements about the Jeffrey Epstein case. Memories are awakened of Queen Elizabeth’s uncle, King Edward VIII, who abdicated out of love for the American Wallis Simpson and was henceforth the Duke of Windsor – a title that died with him. Mr. MacMarthanne stated that there were “no parallels” between Prince Andrew’s current situation and what happened to Edward VIII. He therefore believes that there will be another Duke of York.

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