Princess Anne: It only takes a few minutes for her hair styling

Princess Anne needs "only ten minutes" for her hair styling. Her "The Crown" actress Erin Doherty, however, took two hours.

Why is it taking so long? Princess Anne (69) apparently asked herself this question when she read an interview with actress Erin Doherty (28). In the documentary "The Princess Royal At 70", which Princess Anne celebrates on her 70th birthday on August 15, the daughter of the Queen (94) was interviewed about the Netflix series "The Crown", which deals with the history of the British royals deals. She saw the first episodes of the series and considered them "very interesting", she explains according to "The Independent". An interview with Erin Doherty, who portrays Anne in the series, made her startled.

The actress had told "Town and Country" some time ago that it took her two hours in the mask to mimic the princess' hairstyle. "But it was so important to her character because it felt like her hair and fashion were the way she could express herself in the tight, controlled environment in which she grew up," said Doherty. Princess Anne wondered why it takes so long for the actress – "I only need ten to 15 minutes," quipped the 69-year-old in the documentary interview.

In "Princess Royal: Anne at 70" viewers can see interviews with Princess Anne, her husband Timothy Laurence (65) and their children Zara Tindall (39) and Peter Phillips (42). The film, commissioned by the British broadcaster ITV, was produced for a year. In addition to her family, Princess Anne's companions will also have their say in the interviews to report on Anne's life.