Princess Estelle of Sweden: On the birthday photos, she shows how big she is


Princess Estelle of Sweden
On the birthday photos she shows how big she is

Princess Estelle of Sweden is celebrating her 9th birthday.

© Kate Gabor, Kungl. Hovstaterna / Kate Gabor, The Royal Court of Sweden

Princess Estelle is celebrating her 9th birthday. In her honor, the palace published new photos on which she already looks really big.

Princess Estelle of Sweden celebrates her 9th birthday today 23 February. The Swedish Royal Palace published several photos of the daughter of Crown Princess Victoria (43) and Prince Daniel (47) on the occasion of the jubilee celebration. In the pictures she wears a white blouse, a plaid pleated skirt, white tights and dark ballerinas. She put her long hair back in the upper part.

On Instagram you can also see a joint photo with her brother Prince Oscar (4). The two royal children sit on a chair with their brown dog and grin at the camera. The little prince also wears a plaid sweater to match the look of his big sister. He has done the hair neatly to the side part.

Crown Princess Victoria has been in a relationship with Daniel Westling, his native name, since 2001. After the two announced their engagement in February 2009, the couple married on June 19, 2010 in Stockholm. In 2012 daughter Estelle of Sweden was born, followed by Prince Oscar in 2016. The latter celebrates his 5th birthday on March 2nd.