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Princess Madeleine: is she neglecting her duties?

Princess Madeleine, 37, is currently facing harsh criticism. The Swedes are disappointed with the youngest princess of the royal family, because Madeleine has recently been noticed due to her absence. She has been neglecting her role as Duchess of Gästrikland and Hälsingland for years. The people of the duchy ask them to fulfill their duties.

Princess Madeleine was last in the Duchy in 2015

Swedish television and radio journalist Lars Ragnar Forssberg publicly criticizes the princess. "She behaves badly," and continues: "People miss her." Because according to his statement, Madeleine was the last time in the region in 2015. Forssberg grew up in Hälsingland himself, writing chronicles of his homeland. The absence of Princess Madeleine caught his eye. He would like more visits from the Duchess. Forssberg is not alone in this opinion.

The region wants more visits

The journalist receives support from the people of the region. Including the former head of the radio station "P4 Gävleborg" Leif Eriksson. "I remember how it was in Gästrikland and Hälsingland when the king announced that she [Duchess Madeleine] would become duchess. It was a great pleasure," said Eriksson. People are proud to have Madeleine as a duchess.

Princess Madeleine was considered a beacon of hope

Princess Madeleine was and is an important symbol for the regions. There was great unemployment before she became Duchess, Eriksson told Svensk Dam. Madeleine should strengthen the reputation of the region. Even now people hope to visit again. "If you are a duchess, you have some obligations," Lars Forssberg said to the princess. Madeleine has had to face this criticism several times in the past few months. She did not even spend Christmas in Sweden. Since then, the mother of three has fallen silent. She would currently focus on her children and take care of her foundations. Her duties as duchess seem to have been forgotten. The people of the Gästrikland and Hälsingland regions would surely recognize a visit as a great gesture.

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