Product recall: this cheese sold at Franprix should not be consumed

A supermarket sheep tomme is suspected of being contaminated with Listeria. This cheese produced and distributed by Franprix is ​​currently subject to a recall.

Product recalls have been in the news for several months, and there are plenty of them. This time, it’s a cheese sold at Franprix that should not be eaten, at the risk of catching listeriosis, a disease caused by a bacterium called Listeria.

According to Rappel Conso, it is a 150g sheep cheese, produced and distributed by the brand. It was marketed between June 27 and August 3 in all Franprix points of sale. It is the batch “vf059” with the international article code (GTIN) “3263859364410” which is concerned. The MDD (Minimum Durability Date) for this product is August 22nd.

If you have consumed this cheese, be vigilant about your state of health. Consult a doctor if one of the following symptoms appears: fever, headache, body aches… And tell him that you have ingested this product. Pregnant, elderly or immunocompromised women should be particularly careful.

If one of the cheeses from the contaminated batch is in your fridge: destroy it or bring it back to your point of sale to be reimbursed.

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