PS5 / Xbox Series: After dropping anchor for 5 years, this game could give its news

While he has been the great absentee in recent months, it is without warning that Skull and Bones returns to center stage, and for good news! According to a rather important leak, it would indeed seem that the title of Ubisoft is about to appear. We take stock with you.

Skull and Bones, soon its release date revealed?

First announced in 2017 and developed by Ubisoft Singapore, a fairly significant leak has indeed just emerged and suggests that the piracy game is about to be released. This leak was first spotted on the Korean rating site, then, this time around, was spotted by a Reddit user but on the Brazilian classification site.

Contrary to the information provided by the Korean site, if Skull and Bones will indeed be available on PC, it should also be, according to the Brazilian classification, on the PS5 and Xbox Series consoles but also Stadia (no “old gen” on the horizon for the moment…).

Unfortunately, at the time of writing, there is still no release date listed, but the title should appear, according to the latest statements from the studio, before March 31, 2023.

Gameplay footage leaked

In addition to this good news which leads us to believe that Skull and Bones is about to join our consolesremember that at the beginning of last May, gameplay images of no less than 6 minutes had also leaked.

In these, we then discovered that we will have several tasks to complete to complete a quest, one of which in particular will be the increase in what the developers have called infamy. For this, several contracts to perform, but also the exploration of the oceans with everything that goes around such as looting and treasure hunting.

Otherwise, customization will be part of it with access to various cosmetics over time to make your ship and your character unique, as well as the possibility of unlocking different types of weapon, so that beyond the purely aesthetic aspect, your style of play is also as personal as possible. These elements will obviously be accessible through loot and crafting, which will have an important place in the game.

The release of the open-world pirate game is postponed for the 4th consecutive year. Obviously, Ubisoft Singapore is struggling to find a recipe that works, or the game’s transition to a new formula has proven more difficult than expected for Skull & Bones, especially in the midst of a pandemic.

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