Psychology: 7 things successful people do before bed

7 things successful people do before bed

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Well, what is your evening routine like at the moment? If you suspect optimization potential and are looking for inspiration: no problem at all.

Successful – who wouldn’t want to be? We certainly combine all the different concepts with success in detail. For some, financial wealth is in the foreground, for others, harmony in the family and for others, having enough time for their own thoughts and insights. But the bottom line is that success means the same thing for all of us: that our life is on the whole going well and that we are largely satisfied.

Now, unfortunately, you don’t get success as a gift – or fortunately, after all, that means that we can do something for it ourselves. Above all, our habits and routines decide whether we are on the path to success in life or whether we stumble on the path of bankruptcies, bad luck and mishaps. As far as the evening organization is concerned, the following rituals seem particularly promising.

7 things successful people do before bed

1. Personal hygiene

A nice shower, a facial peeling or at least a thorough make-up removal – successful people take at least a few minutes each evening to care for their bodies. They know that we can only calm down when we are physically comfortable and healthy. And only if we treat our body carefully and carefully can we develop our mental strength to the full.

2. Eat enough in peace and quiet

Diet experts in particular like to advise you not to eat too much or too heavily in the evening if possible. But with a growling stomach, you don’t usually sleep so well. Successful people trust their bodies and their intuition and in the evening they eat what they feel like and what is personally good for them. Because for them, their personal experience is more decisive than trends or recommendations from experts.

3. Educate yourself

Whether watching the news or spending a few minutes on further training in a specific area (such as a foreign language) – successful people usually take time at the end of the day to develop themselves further and to stimulate themselves mentally. After all, it is good for the head, for the feeling and for the competence. Even if it’s only five to ten minutes.

4. Prepare the next day

In order to structure and calm themselves down, many successful people organize their day roughly the evening before. What is important? Which dates are in the plan? Consciously preparing and collecting yourself once prevents the sudden feeling of being unprepared and having to do something later in bed.

5. Celebrate the successes of the day

Looking back is at least as important to many successful people as looking ahead: What did I achieve today? What went particularly well? What am I grateful for? The main focus is on the successes, because analyzing the failures in the evening would only stir them up again and arouse enthusiasm in them. To deal with failures is a task for the day – or the subconscious in a dream. But definitely not for the evening.

6. Relax

Good sleep is an essential requirement for a successful life. After all, we are sleepless, not ourselves and everything is difficult for us. In order to be able to sleep well, we have to go down in good time in the evening and take time to relax – because switching from 100 to 0 does not work either physically or mentally. Successful people relax, for example, by reading something, watching a series or painting, doing handicrafts or meditating. The main thing is that it helps when shutting down.

7. Go offline

Right before bed, successful people are usually unavailable and stop looking at new messages. After all, nothing has to and cannot be done overnight anyway that pops up in the evening has to wait until the next day. To that extent it would only disturb them unnecessarily and possibly prevent them from falling asleep if they checked their e-mails or messages again on the way to bed.


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