Purchasing power A municipality of 1,500 inhabitants distributes vouchers to low-income families

The municipal council of La Ferrière-aux-Etangs (Orne), a rural town of 1,567 inhabitants, will release 10,000 euros to help up to 100 families in the village to cope with rising prices.

“We propose to make this gesture of solidarity because we can see that the end of the month begins on the 10th for some families. We are not going to revolutionize everything, but we want to show that elected officials take part in the solidarity which must be exercised in the current context, ”said Vincent Beaumont, DVG mayor since 2008, confirming information from France 3.

100 euros maximum per family

The sum, which represents 0.7% of the municipality’s operating budget, will be paid to the municipal center for social action (CCAS) and redistributed at the start of the school year in the form of vouchers for a maximum of 100 euros per family. The vouchers will be usable at the butcher’s and the village mini-market, as well as at the nearest petrol station. To benefit from it, it will be necessary to justify a family quotient less than or equal to 650 and to provide bank documents.

The municipal council also invites its fellow citizens “who pay taxes” to make donations to the CCAS, deductible from the amount of taxes paid.

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