Queen Elizabeth II: Images of a lonely queen touch the nation

Queen Elizabeth II
Images of the lonely queen touch the nation

Queen Elizabeth II, all alone at the funeral for her late husband Philip

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One of the most heartbreaking images of Prince Philip’s departure was the lonely queen. Queen Elizabeth II had to sit alone.

The funeral service for the deceased Prince Philip (1921-2021) moved many people – especially pictures of the lonely Queen Elizabeth II (94), who had to sit alone during the service due to the corona pandemic. British media agree that the heartbreaking snapshots are images “that will break the heart of the nation” as the British “Sun” describes it.

The Meanwhile, “Daily Mail” is certainthat the photos of the Queen in the St. George’s Chapel will accompany the whole country for years. The Guardian statedthat Queen Elizabeth II has never looked “so alone”. Neither her children nor grandchildren could be by the Queen’s side during the funeral service. The 30 mourners present had to keep their distance during the ceremony, all of them wore protective masks.

A letter on Prince Philip’s coffin

But other moving moments also showed how difficult it must have been to say goodbye to Philip for the otherwise so composed Queen, who had been married to the Prince Consort for 73 years. So it was briefly seen how Queen Elizabeth II. apparently wiped tears from his face. A royal insider is said to have told the “Daily Mail” meanwhilethat Elizabeth II apparently had one of his handkerchiefs and a photo of the two in her handbag with her during the memorial service in memory of her deceased husband.

During a short procession before the ceremony and during the service, in addition to the standard, officer’s cap and sword of the prince, flowers and a letter could be seen on the coffin Philips. The latter is said to be according to media reports from Elizabeth II. The Queen is said to have signed this last greeting with her nickname Lilibet.