Queen Elizabeth’s Jubilee: Will Harry and Meghan honor her?

At the beginning of June, the royals have several reasons to celebrate: Queen Elizabeth’s jubilee and Lilibet Diana’s first birthday are imminent. The big question to ask: Where will the Sussex family be spending the celebrations? Our editors are divided.

It’s a big day for Queen Elizabeth, 95: From 2nd to 5th June 2022 inclusive, the celebrations will take place to mark her 70th jubilee. A long weekend full of highlights is planned, starting with the traditional “Trooping the Color” birthday parade. A day that is very special for the British royals – especially this year.

After all, Queen Elizabeth is the first monarch in the history of England to celebrate the platinum jubilee. Will the emigrants Duchess Meghan, 40, and Prince Harry, 37, fly to Great Britain with their two children for this special occasion and personally congratulate the head of the family? It would be THE perfect occasion – if June 4th, 2022 weren’t for baby Lilibet’s first birthday.

Will the Sussexes seize the moment and tie the two special occasions together? Our editors look differently towards June.

Celebrity party instead of jubilee: Harry and Meghan stay in Montecito

Summer, sun, beach and sea – how often have Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry emphasized in recent months how much they love the Californian lifestyle? The Sussexes have arrived in their new life, they only talk about their old one in interviews. Their children, Archie and Lilibet, grow up sheltered and without angry British paparazzi, and they are teeming with A-listers, with whom Meghan and Harry have developed a friendly relationship after a very short time. Prince Harry occasionally exchanges ideas with Orlando Bloom, 45, and Ellen DeGeneres, 63, admires the kids’ costumes on Halloween.

The Queen will not meet her great-granddaughter

Meanwhile, the relationship with the royal family continues to cool down. It has become increasingly icy between Prince Harry and his brother Prince William, 39, in recent months, and Prince Charles, 73, is also not particularly good at talking to the 37-year-old after numerous interviews with his youngest. Harry’s memoirs announced for 2022 will probably not bring back the desired harmony either.

Despite everything, Meghan and Harry should always be in contact with Queen Elizabeth, but the monarch will also be disappointed by her grandson’s actions. In recent months, the cloud over the British monarchy has become darker and darker – and that is due to the scandals surrounding Prince Andrew, 61, and Harry and his wife Meghan. There is no question that the Queen still wants to meet her great-granddaughter Lilibet in person for the first time. But will the two emigrants fulfill the queen’s wish and support her on her jubilee?

Birthday party instead of royal obligations

If you ask me, News Editor Annkristin, the two will remain in the US. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex may love their royal titles, but not the obligations and rules that come with them. Above all, their children should grow up away from the public eye and differ significantly from Prince George, 8, Princess Charlotte, 6, and Prince Louis, 3. A joint appearance on the balcony of Buckingham Palace on June 2nd? For me unthinkable.

Duchess Meghan

Especially since Meghan and Harry’s daughter Lili is celebrating her first birthday on June 4th and the former actress will certainly want to celebrate this day with her loved ones and Mama Doria in her safe, luxury home. The Sussexes only published the first photo of the little ones just before Christmas – six months after their birth. I don’t think we’ll see the little girl again anytime soon.

Fear of boos

And there is something else: Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan are becoming increasingly unpopular in Great Britain, and their poll numbers have recently fallen to a record low. Public appearances in their former homeland could therefore provoke boos instead of clapping – and everyone would probably like to spare themselves this humiliation. Especially since Queen Elizabeth is set to be the center of attention this weekend. Meghan and Harry would steal the show with their presence. And the queen really didn’t deserve that.


Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan honor the Queen and come to the throne anniversary

Prince Harry, please don’t disappoint us again. If you ask me, News Editor Jenifer, Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan have caused the Royals tremendous heartache over the past two years. And yet I have a glimmer of hope that in 2022 Harry will make the right decision and travel to England for the Jubilee. This little spark has a name: Queen Elizabeth.

Ever since Harry and Meghan turned their backs on their royal duties, a lot of bad blood has been shed: interviews have been given, allegations have been made and, to put it harshly, the royal family has been dragged through the mud. But with all the dirty laundry that has been washed in public, one constant remains: the good relationship between Harry and his grandmother. It was the monarch who drove straight to her grandson’s cottage to see him during Prince Harry’s visit to England in July 2021. It was also the Queen who broke her greatest principle and spoke out publicly after her grandson’s Oprah interview. Certainly the Queen is also very disappointed with some of the 37-year-old’s decisions. But in my eyes, the jubilee is the perfect event to gently move Prince Harry’s relationship with the royals in a conciliatory direction. And for several reasons:

1. Prince Harry adores his grandmother

One factor that gives me hope is the respect Harry shows to the Queen. Even Meghan explained how surprised she was when she had to practice curtsy before her first meeting with the Queen. “It’s your grandmother,” Meghan asked incredulously at the time. Harry’s response speaks volumes: “It’s the Queen!” Harry will not be traveling to London to see his family. I believe he will come to pay tribute to his grandmother. There couldn’t be a better day than the jubilee.

Prince Harry

2. Queen Elizabeth celebrates her 96th birthday in April

There is also an aspect that many certainly do not want to hear, but which unfortunately corresponds to the facts. Queen Elizabeth celebrates her 96th birthday in April. In the past few weeks and months, worrying news about the state of health of the monarch has been in the media. Although Elizabeth is said to be fine, the death of Prince Philip, † 99, 2021 showed how suddenly a loved one can leave us. Harry couldn’t say goodbye to him anymore. A mistake he certainly doesn’t want to repeat. I hope that the 37-year-old, fit as the Queen may be, recognizes the ephemeral nature of life and takes every chance he gets to see his grandmother.

3. The monarch would like to meet her granddaughter

Yes, in fact, the jubilee falls on Lilibet Diana’s first birthday. But that could be a reason for the Sussexes to travel to the UK for the event. Not only that the royal family has not yet been able to get to know little Lili. No, Queen Elizabeth is also the namesake of the little ones. A meeting between the two would mean the world to the monarch.

I think Harry and Meghan will make the journey for the Queen – and for the Queen’s sake alone; with one small fly in the ointment: I don’t think Harry and Meghan will be announcing their arrival, let alone posing on the balcony alongside the royals. The meeting between grandson, grandmother and their great-granddaughter will take place behind closed palace gates. On the one hand, because Meghan and Harry want it that way for protection, on the other hand, because the Queen will no longer grant them this privilege.


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