Queen Mary: She attracts everyone’s attention in this fiery red outfit

The style of Queen Mary of Denmark could be described as classic with a modern twist. Similar to Catherine, Princess of Wales, she loves elegant, tailored dresses and skirts with pumps. Even though at first glance she may seem to be reserved in terms of fashion on some official occasions, a closer look reveals that each of her pieces fits like a glove, is of high quality and is color coordinated to match Mary’s complexion and hair color.

Queen Mary of Denmark enjoys recycling clothing

With so many appointments on the royal calendar, finding the right item of clothing for every occasion is an art. Even if fans are happy about new looks, Queen Mary likes to use them sustainable statementby reaching for the same beloved pieces over and over again. Sometimes she recombines them and gives the outfit a new twist; However, she often wears the exact same shoes or bag with the look. This is particularly noticeable in her glamorous gown for the traditional New Year’s banquet at Amalienborg Palace in Copenhagen: here she has several dresses that have already been used three to five times. She’s been wearing one of her favorite dresses for over 17 years – with Mary looking so beautiful, we understand why. However, she likes to vary her jewelry.

Mary loves personalized jewelry and high-profile royal pieces

Especially when it comes to expensive jewelry, it is of course not appropriate for a royal to be constantly photographed wearing something new. Queen Mary of Denmark has a weakness for Initial accessories, which she accommodates at almost all of her appointments. For example, she has a delicate necklace with the letter “F”, which of course stands for her husband King Frederik. In another necklace, the initials of her four children are engraved on a medallion: Christian, Isabella, Vincent and Josephine.

But the royal treasury does not remain untouched by Mary. She is particularly fond of the ruby ​​parure – on official occasions such as banquets she likes to wear the jewelry set, which consists of a tiara, hair clips, a bracelet, adjustable earrings, a brooch and a necklace.


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