Quiz: will you recognize these 8 movie sports?

On the occasion of the international day of women’s sport, we offer you a quiz where you will have to recognize these eight sportswomen in films.

Sport has always had a prominent place in cinema. From the era of silent cinema, for example, Charlie Chaplin in City Lights could be seen performing in an endless burlesque boxing match, in which the actor chained stunts, mischievous movements and hide-and-seek games with the referee to end up overcoming his opponent.

Another era, another sport, it is a five-star cast mixing actors and sportsmen, who was brought together under the direction of John Huston in Victory to us. The story of prisoners during the Second World War who decide to set up a football team, and plan their escape during a match which will oppose them to their German jailers.

On the actors side, we found Sylvester Stallone, Michael Caine or even Max Von Sydow, and on the sports side were present many stars of the time such as the late Pelé, and the former English international Bobby Moore.

Baseball, king sport in the United States, has of course also been the subject of many feature films with great actors in the main roles, whether it is Robert Redford in The Best, Kevin Costner in Until at the end of the dream, or more recently Brad Pitt in The Strategist, who by using the sciences of statistics managed to hoist his team to the top.

But in these many examples, it is always the men who are put forward. Fortunately, for a few years, the cinema has – finally – decided to take an interest in the place of women in sport, and it is some of them that we propose to challenge today with this quiz in eight movies.

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