Raising a child in a gender-neutral way: These parents do it

Growing up without role models and gender-related influences – this is what parents want for their two-year-old Zoomer. Therefore hardly anyone knows Zoomer's gender.

Didn't we all stand embarrassed in front of a stranger's stroller after we answered our "Sweet, little one!" were yelled at by the offended parents: "This little one is actually a girl" ?!

Totally stupid! Find the Americans Kyl and Brent Myer. Nobody has to be offended or embarrassed about something like that. The couple even try to ensure that their 2-year-old child Zoomer is not shown to be of gender. And it goes even further: it does not reveal the gender of your child at all.

Sexless upbringing? That's how it looks!

The Courtney-Myers are supporters of the "Gender Creative Parenting Movement" and educate Zoomers without sex. "We try to offer Zoomer an environment in which individuality is lived," they write on Instagram, "and we encourage Zoomer to develop their own interests".

Sometimes the toddler wears a pink shirt, sometimes a blue one. It plays with both dolls and balls. And when parents talk about Zoomer, they use the gender-neutral pronoun "they".

"Our upbringing so far has definitely resulted in Zoomer's less experience of gender hostility and stereotypes. We pride ourselves on raising our child this way and are sure we made the right decision," said the parents .

"The poor child"?

Even if the Courtney-Myers themselves state that they mostly get support and positive reactions for their upbringing – it appears to be strange to some people. "Haha, crazy!" Writes a user on Instagram. Another comments: "The poor child will end up having a lot of mental health problems just because their parents were more interested in their principles."

Whether the parents do more harm than good to Zoomer with this unusual and very consistent way of upbringing cannot be judged from the outside and will probably only become apparent when Zoomer gets older. In any case, in the pictures, the little one looks happy and very lovingly cared for.

Either way: Strengthening a child's individuality and self-determination should ideally also be possible in a healthy society without hiding their biological gender.