Rea Garvey: That happened backstage on "TVOG" after Samus' corona infection

Samu Haber recently got infected with the corona virus. In an interview, his "TVOG" partner Rea Garvey now revealed what happened afterwards.

A good week ago, "The Voice of Germany" coach Samu Haber (44, "Hollywood Hills") tested positive for the corona virus without any symptoms. His coaching partner Rea Garvey (47, "Talk to your Body") revealed to the news agency spot on news in advance of the Bayern 3 "Liveclub" in Munich what happened behind the scenes of the music show after Haber's positive test result.

After the positive test result "everything was different"

"Between two shows, Samus Test came back positive and then everything was different," reported the 47-year-old Irishman, who shares a red chair with Haber on the anniversary season of "TVOG". The broadcaster then informed the audience about the situation, "thank God" employees of the health department were on site at the time.

This was followed by professional advice from the experts, who finally gave the go-ahead for the show production. "Then the question was: 'Do you want to do the next show?'", Garvey recalled the situation in which he and his coach colleagues Nico Santos (27, "Like I Love You"), Yvonne Catterfeld (40 , "For you"), Stefanie Kloß (36, "Light luggage") and Mark Forster (37, "Belly and Head") had to make a decision. "We said, 'Yeah, okay, let's do it.'"

"I always have a stick in my nose"

Rea Garvey and his colleagues have to be tested regularly for the corona virus. Apparently so regularly that the former lead singer of the band Reamonn ("Supergirl") can now even carry out the test correctly himself. "I've done a lot more tests than anything else in my life," he joked in an interview. "I have a stick in my nose all the time."

Sunrise Avenue frontman Samu Haber has now ended his quarantine after another test with a negative result, as he announced a few days ago on Instagram and on his official website. He and Rea Garvey always fight on Thursdays from 8:15 pm (ProSieben and Joyn) and on Sundays at the same time (Sat.1 and Joyn) for the best talents and victory in "The Voice of Germany".