Reacher: First glimpses and launch date are finally available!


The exciting action and thriller series “Reacher” from Amazon Prime Video returns with season 2 and shows the first pictures. You can find out everything about the start, plot, trailer and cast here.

"Reacher" gets a 2nd season.

“Reacher” is getting a second season. (Source: Amazon Prime Video)

  • “Reacher” returns to streaming service Amazon Prime Video with season 2.
  • We’ll tell you which Lee Childs novels the series will adapt in season 2.
  • Now the start date and first insights into the new season are finally available!

The action series “Reacher” had barely been released on the streaming service Amazon Prime Video in February 2022 when a second season was ordered. The heroic Jack Reacher is well received by viewers.

Warning: Spoilers for the plot and the finale of “Reacher” season 1 follow from here!

The premiere issue of “Reacher” comes to an extremely satisfying conclusion for viewers. Jack Reacher finds out who killed his brother and the case is closed. But Reacher realizes he’s brought a lot of attention to the town of Margrave.

The ex-military policeman therefore decides to leave. Roscoe Conklin (Willa Fitzgerald) gives him her phone number and hopes to see him again in the future. Jack Reacher also says goodbye to Finlay (Malcolm Goodwin) – and goes on his way…

Only a strange encounter with an older man could prepare the plot of the second season – but behind the encounter in the diner there is actually a treat for “Reacher” fans.

When does the second season of “Reacher” start?

Amazon Prime Video has announced the start date of the second season of “Reacher”. According to the streamer, the new episodes will start on December 15, 2023 and end with the season finale on January 19, 2024. There will be 8 episodes in total.

Trailer and images for “Reacher” season 2

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In the new season 2 trailer, Jack Reacher learns through a coded message that members of the 110th Brigade, his elite army group, have died under mysterious circumstances. Reacher and three of his former comrades then go on the trail of the perpetrators before they become victims themselves.

What will “Reacher” Season 2 be about?

For season 1 of “Reacher”, “Killing Floor” (German title: “Großenwahn”) by Lee Child, the first novel in the series, was adapted. The second season, on the other hand, is based on “Bad Luck and Trouble”, the 11th book in the bestselling series.

Already in an interview with the US magazine TV Line, showrunner Nick Santora said: “Don’t assume that we’re going chronologically and don’t assume that we’re not going chronologically. Because we know [zu diesem Zeitpunkt] “Really not.” That’s why it’s not surprising that first the first book and then the 11th book were filmed for the series.

If the second novel is adapted, we will see how Jack Reacher and an FBI agent are kidnapped by the terrorists of the Montana Militia, a group that wants to achieve independence from the United States.

The majority of the action takes place in the headquarters of this militia, where there are around 100 people under the leadership of the sadistic leader Beau Borken. Meanwhile, the FBI and other parts of the state apparatus are feverishly searching for the agent who was kidnapped along with Jack Reacher. The militias and paramilitaries should also be stopped. However, they have a mole at the FBI who proves to be extremely useful.

And nothing more should be revealed at this point! If you’re curious, you can of course buy “Extradited” as a book and find out what’s next for Reacher.

Production and cast of “Reacher” season 2

In season 2, Alan Ritchson will once again play the leading role of former military investigator Jack Reacher. Frances Neagley (Maria Sten), Karla Dixon (Serinda Swan) and Shaun Sipos will portray three of his former military cohorts from the 110th MP Special Investigations Unit.

Season 2 also stars Ferdinand Kingsley as a mercenary, Robert Patrick as head of security for a private defense company Shane Langston and Domenick Lombardozzi as tough NYPD detective Guy Russo.

By the way, all in all, there are a whopping 26 novels that could still be adapted for the future of the Amazon Prime series!

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