Rebel Wilson: She was kidnapped and threatened with a gun

Rebel Wilson
The actress was kidnapped and threatened with a gun

Rebel Wilson

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Rebel Wilson now shocks with memories of a trip to Africa during which she was kidnapped. How it came about, she tells on a British show.

Rebel Wilson, 40, is probably happier than ever right now. Not only has she lost an incredible 30 kilos, she has also had a partner at her side in Jacob Busch for a year who fulfills her. But the actress's life has already been bad. As she said in an interview with "Sky One" presenter And Middleton, she was kidnapped by armed gangsters!

Rebel Wilson reveals a traumatic experience

In "Ant Middleton & Rebel Wilson: Straight Talking" the 40-year-old remembers the traumatic experience. As she says, she was with a couple of friends on a trip to Mozambique, East Africa. "We were on this cattle truck and these men came up to us with lots of guns on another truck," says Rebel, recalling the horror scenario. Then she and her fellow travelers were forced to leave their truck. In a panic for their lives, Rebel and her companions obeyed, whereupon they were taken to a "house in the middle of nowhere". Here they were then held all night by the armed men. As if by a miracle, they were allowed to return to their truck the next day and continue their journey.

Got away with a black eye

As terrible as the reporting experience sounds, it evidently did not affect her. Rebel even remembers feeling safe along the way. "I felt very good during the crisis. I was like a team leader," said the native Australian.

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