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Recipe ideas with less than 5 ingredients

And a pinch of this to add by turning five times in one direction and seven times in the other, and 10 drops of this that you will have marinated in … STOP! We immediately stop the recipes from the list of endless ingredients and we have fun cooking super simple desserts, which contain a maximum of 5 ingredients. The proof drawn with our findings on Pinterest!

Cute lemon squares

A recipe inspired by the paleo diet, with 5 ingredients (and a pinch of salt): lemon, honey, coconut flour, coconut oil, and 3 eggs. And hop !
A recipe unearthed on the Pinterest account of FoodFaithFitness.

Nutella ouh-la-la brownies

Those who eat gluten-free will love it because this recipe does not contain flour. you will just need Nutella and eggs. And icing sugar (gluten-free) if you want to decorate, but it's completely superfluous. Hazelnut chips can also do the trick.
See the recipe found on Sarah's Pinterest account

© Pinterest / heelsngrills

Special chocolate killer fudge!

Be careful, you will lick your fingers!
A soft caramel, with dark chocolate. You just need quality chocolate and condensed milk and of course, a very cold plate, ideally made of marble, to cut out your delicious little squares.
A clever recipe found on Livingonadime's Pinterest

A tender and tender coconut mango ice cream

Three ingredients, a blender, gluttony and presto! That's it !
You need frozen mango pieces, coconut milk and possibly stevia syrup or a little honey.
You can keep your coconut milk in the freezer and use it when it starts to freeze. As for the mango pieces, you can replace them with bananas, pineapples or any other fruit.
This great Cocoswell recipe comes from the Pinterest account of Esther Perez

Mango ice cream

© Pinterest / EstherPérez

Abracadabra chocolate mousse

Cocoa beans, this recipe is for you. And it will also suit diabetics (no butter or added cream, little or no sugar either.
You must use a quality dark chocolate, at least 70% cocoa, and a cup of water (4 cc of sugar if you really have an ultra sweet tooth).
The secret ? Lather the previously melted chocolate with the cup of water, beating it 2 to 3 min in a bowl, the bottom of which is placed on a bed of ice (in another bowl). Do not beat too long, because after a while the chocolate will become grainy.
You will see, it looks like magic!
This incredible recipe is offered to us on the Pinterest account of Erin Dej

Healthy squash cookies

200 g rolled oats, 100 g pumpkin flesh, 30 g coconut sugar (or brown sugar, to be adjusted according to taste). And if you really want to play it super tasty, drop a few chocolate chips.
We mix, we form small cookies, and presto, a little fifteen minutes depending on the texture that we like at 180 in the oven.
A recipe gleaned from Thebigmansworld on Pinterest

Nutella-haaaa (groan of pleasure) gluten-free

The classic spread had neglected your breakfasts because of its composition? Never mind, we found you a simple recipe as pie with only four ingredients. And it's palm oil and gluten free. 60 g of melted dark chocolate, 1/2 tsp salt, 1 tsp pure vanilla, and 530 g plain toasted hazelnuts. A blast and that's it!
This crack is on the MinimalistBaker Pinterest

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