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To make it easier for women to access abortion pills, the UK has relaxed the rules for obtaining them during the health crisis caused by the new coronavirus.

Like most countries in the world, the UK is currently fighting the spread of Covid-19. In this climate of health crisis, the British government has decided to soften the rules on abortion by authorizing women to obtain abortion pills without first going to a clinic.

"Public safety and continued access to key services are our priorities during this difficult time. We are updating our guidelines so that women who need abortion for up to 10 weeks and who do not have access to a clinic can use abortion pills at home. ", announced a spokesperson for the Ministry of Health and Social Affairs.

This update of the conditions to access the two necessary abortion pills is temporary and applies to medical abortions until the tenth week of pregnancy. The women concerned will receive them by post after a consultation by phone or by email with a doctor. Normally women should go to the hospital or an approved clinic. In addition, the abortion must be approved by two doctors.

"This is a very safe and simple measure that will significantly improve women's access to care during this time of national crisis. We are very pleased that the government has responded to this. It will make a huge difference for the health and well-being of women in today's climate."said Claire Murphy, director of external affairs for British Pregnancy Advisory Service (BPAS). The latter clarified that very often isolated women or suffering from health problems, who experience an unwanted pregnancy, are forced to make trips "completely useless" to access early pregnancy termination care.

The British charity was forced to shut down more than a quarter of its services following government containment. "Women travel across the country to find open clinics, they wait in crowded NHS waiting rooms, putting their own health at risk and of course that of those around them and those who care for it. they"said Claire Murphy.

"Government's decision to allow women in England to take abortion pills at home during the Covid-19 crisis shows that women's health and the hard work of health care workers are valued abortion, which continued to provide essential health care despite the pandemic. ", said Jonathan Lord, medical director of Marie Stopes UK. The latter added being in solidarity with the women and girls of Northern Ireland seeking the same protection. As a reminder, abortion was legalized in Northern Ireland on October 22, 2019 but still remains very stigmatized.

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by Sarah Chekroun