Report, investigations – Illegal mud initiated in Leithakanal

Environmental alarm in Bruckneudorf and the neighboring Bruck an der Leitha (Lower Austria). Presumably in order to save money, a property owner had the sludge pumped out of his pond without official approval and channeled it into the Leithakanal. Witnesses noticed the pollution and sounded the alarm. Now the authorities are investigating

“When I went to the train station in the morning, I noticed black streaks and foam in the Leitha Canal,” said witness Walter Gatterbauer in an interview with the “Krone”. The lawyer reported his observations to the competent authority. Other witnesses also noticed that the Leitha Canal was completely muddy in several places. They went on a search and discovered a pipe through which a disgusting liquid was discharged into the water. The pipe led to private property that had a pump running on it. The owner had entrusted a company with the desludging of his pond, but no water law permit for it.

approval required
“The correct procedure would be to contact a civil engineer and submit an application to the BH. The sludge is then dredged, dried and properly disposed of. Because the sediment could be contaminated with chemicals or germs and must therefore not simply be discharged into a body of water, ”said an expert. The costs for this are a good 10,000 euros. Money that the pond owner probably wanted to save. When confronted by the authorities with the allegations, he denied that the company had pumped mud into the Leitha Canal.

Investigations after notification (s)
But the municipality of Bruck an der Leitha (Lower Austria) has also submitted a corresponding notification to the district administration. The investigation is ongoing. The pond owner faces a fine.

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