Resident Evil: a statuette of the Tyrant T-002 unveiled by Numskull

The first resident Evil took players to the mansion spencerwhich hides the laboratory Arklay ofUmbrella Corporation. At the end of the adventure, Jill and Chris fall on a Tyrant T-002huge monster genetically modified thanks to the Virus-T and which gave players a hard time.

Well, this cult monster is entitled to a very beautiful statuette, created by Numskullwho likes derivative products with the franchise resident Evil. The statuette is officially licensed Capcom and measures 27.6 cm in height, with hand painted details. The pose is inspired by the game, aggressive, the creature raising its huge claw and sporting infected cells. the Tyrant T-002 is placed on a base, taking up the design of its broken glass tank.

A statuette that should make fans crack and which is available at several retailers for pre-order. In Europe it is Just Geek who will be responsible for distributing it from August 2022, for €83.32. You can find Resident Evil Origins Collection at €20.66 on Amazon.

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