Richard Lugner: "Mortar" is in a Viennese hospital after an accident

Richard "Mörtel" Lugner is in hospital after slipping at home. In the accident, he injured his thigh.

The Viennese building contractor and opera ball star Richard "Mörtel" Lugner (87) is lying in his house in a Viennese hospital after a fall. As the "Kronen Zeitung" reports, he is said to have "seriously injured his thigh" and had to stay in the hospital bed for "a month". He himself commented on his situation in a phone call with the newspaper this Tuesday: "I'm not doing so excitingly well."

What happened?

How it came to the mishap that had already occurred on Friday, Lugner also told: On the way to the toilet, he slipped on the floor previously mopped by his housekeeper and "fell full on the basin". He broke the "thigh joint capsule".

Because of the ban on visitors – only his daughter is allowed to come from time to time – he passes the time on his cell phone. "I try to do all sorts of things to keep my strength up," the 87-year-old told the newspaper.

Prominent opera ball guests and animal nicknames

Richard "Mörtel" Lugner is best known for the stars and starlets that he invites every year to his box at the Vienna Opera Ball. His relationships with women with such illustrious endearing names as "Mausi", "Hasi", "Käfer", "Bambi", "Katzi" or "Kolibri" are also always headline-grabbing. He was married to Cathy "Spatzi" Lugner (30) from 2014 to 2016 in their fifth marriage.