Root Pop: Why everyone wants colorful hairlines now

Are you bored of your hairstyle and long for a change? How about a colorful hairline? The stars and starlets are also called "Root Pops" – as the statement hairstyle is called among beauty gurus. We'll show you what's behind the trend frise.

Are you keen to experiment and do not shy away from hair colors beyond blonde and brown? Then the "Root Pop" hair trend is just right for you! Teen idol Billie Eilish invented the style. The singer likes to let it rip in color, be it with her crazy oversize outfits or in terms of beauty. Her hairline already shone in yellow, acid green or blue. Admittedly: Billie's styles are really only for the particularly brave. But a look at Instagram shows how the trend can be styled for everyday use.

Root Pop: The light version

The influencers love the trend, which is very soft and feminine in pastel colors. Root pops are actually the perfect festival hairstyle … well … maybe for next year. Until the open-air events take place again, let's just sweeten the summer with the cool color accents.

Root pops work similarly to balayage, only here the color transitions are a bit harder overall. So that the look doesn't look like chipmunks, a professional should definitely be sought. And preferably at regular intervals, because the roots should be colored again and again to achieve a neat finish. Yes … this hairstyle is a full-time job.

Anyone who ultimately decides on Root Pops will be rewarded with a real wow look. We think: The colorful hairlines are perfect for all of you who have always wanted to try out a colorful hair color. If the look is displeasing, the roots are quickly over-colored again and you haven't let your tips suffer unnecessarily. So: what are we waiting for?