Ryan Reynolds: Actor causes laughter in first TikTok video

Ryan Reynolds
Actor causes laughter in first TikTok video

Ryan Reynolds mingles with the TikTok stars.

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Ryan Reynolds is known for his humor. In his first TikTok clip, the actor is reminiscent of a real cult film.

Ryan Reynolds (44) has made his TikTok debut. In the short video, the actor looks mischievously into the camera and moves his lips to the hit “I swear” by the band All-4-One. Reynolds is reminiscent of his role as Chris Brander from the 2005 film “Wild X-Mas”. On TikTok, he recreates a scene in which Brander sings the song in front of a mirror and thinks of his high school crush. The 44-year-old made the fans laugh. The short clip had more than 21 million clicks after just 22 hours.

The next celebrity on TikTok

The “Deadpool” actor writes about his first video: “I swear you will be disappointed with this account.” After Cher (75), Avril Lavigne (36) and the Backstreet Boys, Reynolds is the next big celebrity on the short video platform.

In August, Reynolds’ action comedy “Free Guy” appears, in which he plays the bank clerk Guy, whose bank is robbed every day. A little later he finds out that he is an NPC character in a video game, a character that is not controlled by a player. Guy finally tries to save the game world from being shut down.