Samsung tablet with 5G at Aldi: No other retailer has it this cheap


The Samsung Galaxy Tab A9+ is on offer at Aldi. Thanks to mobile communications and a SIM card, you can access the Internet anywhere.

On offer at Aldi: Samsung Galaxy Tab A9+ (Source: Samsung)

Aldi currently has a Samsung tablet on offer in its online shop for just 249 euros. The device comes with a SIM card with starting credit, so you can be connected even on the go.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab A9+ offers an 11-inch display, an eight-core processor and four gigabytes of RAM. The internal storage space is 64 gigabytes, which can be expanded up to one terabyte using a memory card.

One of the highlights is the 7,040 milliamp hour battery, which should ensure a decent runtime. You can also use the tablet on the go thanks to the cellular module and 5G. When you purchase, Aldi will include an Aldi Talk starter set with a starting credit of 10 euros so that you can get started straight away and book a suitable tariff.

The tablet’s other features include Bluetooth 5.1, WiFi and satellite tracking via GPS etc. This means you can even navigate with the device on the go. A digital compass is also available.

Sufficient for simple tasks

The Samsung tablet is particularly suitable for simple activities, such as surfing, streaming, office or small games. Complex applications are difficult because the RAM is quite modest at four gigabytes.

In any case, a big advantage is the connection to the mobile phone network, which means you can access the Internet on the go or in the garden. This is much more difficult with WiFi-only tablets.

If you already have a mobile phone contract and can possibly even get additional cards from the provider for free – for example from O2, you don’t need to wait for the Aldi offer. The Samsung tablet is available from other providers such as Electronis without the starter set from 245 euros including shipping. The Aldi deal is only recommended if you need a tariff.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A9+
  • 11″ (approx. 27.82 cm) TFT display

  • Dolby Atmos surround sound

  • 8 MP main camera, 5 MP front camera

The Samsung Galaxy Tablet A9+ 5G costs 249 euros at Aldi including the Aldi Talk starter set with 10 euros starting credit. If you take this into account, Aldi has the best price. If you can do without it, you can find the tablet at other retailers starting at 245 euros.

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