Sandra Bullock returns to this aggression which upset her: “I was destroying myself”


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In 2014, a man entered Sandra Bullock’s home in the middle of the night. Terrorized, the American actress hid in a closet while waiting for help. Four years later, the Hollywood star still has consequences.

Some events can be life-threatening. This is the case of Sandra Bullock, who was extremely afraid for her life in June 2014. In her villa on the heights of Los Angeles, a man had entered her home in the middle of the night. His name is Joshua James Corbett and he is a die-hard fan of the actress. Much too much even. After sending him several disturbing letters telling him that she belonged to him, the American decided to take action. Hearing the man break into her home, the 57-year-old actress took refuge in a locked closet before calling the police. More fear than harm since the mystery assailant was quickly immobilized. But the consequences were much deeper for the Hollywood star … “I wasn’t the same after that. I was destroying myself”, she confessed on the show Red Table Talk.

That night, Sandra Bullock experienced this drama as a real assault. In the show hosted by Jada Pinkett Smith and her daughter Wilow, the American actress returned to this painful memory in detail. “This burglary was such a violation …”, she confided, still troubled. After this event, the actress revealed in Speed retained post-traumatic stress disorder which had terrible repercussions on his physical health: “My hair was starting to fall out. I had areas of alopecia everywhere. I stood by the tub, and counted the hair that was falling out. “ The mother had to undergo therapy to get by.

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A little luck in this misfortune

Despite this trauma, Sandra Bullock draws a positive point: her son was exceptionally not at home on the night of the drama. Little boost of fate that the Hollywood star still blesses today. In fact, her son Louis had stayed with his nurse that day. The latter would then have asked the actress: “Let me take her to my apartment up the road, because you’re going to be home late.” A harmless gesture, but one which undoubtedly saved the child’s life, by chance. Four years later, the interpreter of Malorie in Bird Box still rehash this dark evening in his head.

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