Sarah Ferguson: New Interview! This is how she honors the Queen after her death

Sarah Ferguson
New Interview! This is how she honors the Queen after her death

Queen Elizabeth (†) and Sarah Ferguson

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Sarah Ferguson is currently promoting her new novel “A Most Intriguing Lady” and is giving various interviews in which she also gives personal insights into the British royal family.

Sarah Ferguson, 63, has become a respected author in recent years, her historical novel “A Most Intriguing Lady” has been on the market for a few weeks, the book is the follow-up to her Victorian novel “Her Heart for a Compass” from the year 2021 inspired by the life and love of her great-great-grandaunt.

Sarah Ferguson: Touching words about Queen Elizabeth

In her own life, the Duchess of York took an example from Queen Elizabeth, † 96. In an interview with Fox News Digital, the 63-year-old reveals that Queen Elizabeth, whom she once described as her “total idol”, has inspired her over the years. “I loved our walks with the dogs,” she recalls. “On our walks we talked about the gardens and what was blooming there. She just had the best imagination when I told her about my latest children’s book. She was immediately hooked on the story.”

She was such a guiding force in my life, more of a mother to me than my own mother was, to be honest. And I will always live by their remarkable example.

Sarah Ferguson

“The Corgis are doing great”

Following the Queen’s death, a palace spokesman confirmed that her two surviving corgis, Sandy and Muick, will live with Sarah Ferguson and her ex-husband Prince Andrew, 63. The beloved four-legged friends were gifted to the Queen by the couple along with their daughters Princess Beatrice, 34, and Princess Eugenie, 33.

“The corgis are doing great,” says Ferguson, adding: “They’re very, very good, friendly people. They’ve settled in well and get along well with my five Norfolk terriers. We have seven dogs in the house now, plus the corgis are the gifts that keep coming.” She continues: “I am very honored to be able to take care of them. Every day I break the same little biscuits that Her Majesty broke for them and feed them to each of them. They are very patient when they get their snacks.”

But I know that when you hear the sound of the cracked biscuits, you think of Her Majesty and feel at home.

“I’m a super grandma!”

But not only the sweet four-legged friends conjure up a smile on the face of the Duchess of York every day, it is above all her grandchildren who make her the happiest person ever. “I love being a grandmother. I’m a super grandma!” Fergie enthuses. “August and Sienna have taught me so much. I laugh and learn every day and enjoy every second with them. Seeing my two beautiful daughters as mothers is the joy of my life.”

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