Sarah Jessica Parker: Emotional farewell to her boyfriend Willie Garson

Sarah Jessica Parker
Emotional farewell to her friend Willie Garson

Sarah Jessica Parker and Willie Garson in Sex and the City.

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Sarah Jessica Parker said goodbye to her late boyfriend Willie Garson on Instagram.

After the death of “Sex and the City” star Willie Garson (1964-2021), his colleague and girlfriend Sarah Jessica Parker (56) said goodbye to the late actor with touching words. Parker, who starred as Carrie Bradshaw on the cult series, now explained on Instagramthat the last few days had been “unbearable” for her.

Sometimes a silence is also a statement, the actress writes about a series of pictures of the two. It is a statement about “the severity” of a situation, about the “agony” and “the extent of the loss of a friendship of more than 30 years”.

A friendship between secrets and laughter

The two actors had “a real friendship” that allowed a lot – including secrets, adventures, triumphs, many years of sets and phone calls as well as laughter deep into the night, but also disappointments, fear and anger. “Willie, I’ll miss everything about you,” explains Parker. She will play through the last moments the two of them shared, read the texts from the actor’s last days again and write down the last phone calls.

The absence of Garson is “a crater” that she wants to fill with these and other memories that will emerge. Parker send her love and deepest compassion to Garson’s son Nathen, who was and is “the light in Willie’s life”. For the deceased, “being your papa” was the greatest success, she explains to Nathen.

Garson died on Tuesday afternoon (September 21) at the age of 57 from complications from pancreatic cancer. Co-star Chris Noth (66) recently shared a snapshot of Garson and Parker, to which the actress had writtenthat she is not yet ready to speak out about the death of her friend.


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