"Saw: Spiral" will be released in German cinemas on June 11, 2020. In it, Chris Rock (54, "The Week Of") not only plays the leading role of Zeke Bank, but he also provided the material for part nine of the horror series. Hollywood writers Josh Stolberg (48, "The Hungover Games") and Pete Goldfinger ("Saw 8: Jigsaw") helped him write a finished script.

Samuel L. Jackson (71, "Shaft"), Max Minghella (34, "About Alex) and Marisol Nichols (46," Riverdale ") are also part of part nine of the famous horror franchise. This time Darren Lynn Bousman (41 , "St. Agatha") again honored the director's chair, and was already responsible for parts two, three and four of the "Saw" series.

The current trailer for the film makes you want more: This time, the traditionally exciting production of the "Saw" series takes on a murderer who is after the police – and thus the main actors and their companions.