Schlager: Kerstin Ott: Loving gesture for Howard Carpendale


The hit news of the day in Brigitte ticker: Kerstin Ott: Loving gesture! She congratulates Howard Carpendale so sweetly +++ Howard Carpendale talks about suicidal thoughts +++ Rosi Jacob is fighting her way back to life.


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January 14th

Kerstin Ott: Loving gesture! She congratulates Howard Carpendale so sweetly

Howard Carpendale turns 75 today. Numerous well-wishers congratulate the pop star on social media. Kerstin Ott, 38, also joins. The "I have to tell you something" interpreter is a big fan of her fellow musician and makes no secret of it.

At common Appearances of the two prevail Pure harmony! Kerstin Ott was allowed to immortalize herself on Howard Carpendale's album "Symphony of my Life 2". For this appreciation, the 38-year-old thanked the big hit on her own social media channel. "I am very proud to be on your great new album. You are a great artist and your dear, dry humor is unbeatable. Yes, that is a declaration of love," she commented on her contribution.

Today she dedicates another post to her fellow musician. "Dear Howard. Congratulations on your birthday. The next time we see each other, I'll sing a song for you," writes Kerstin Ott about the snapshot, which shows the musicians in friendly familiarity. She shows her bond with a heart and the hashtag "Capricorns among themselves". Numerous followers leave their congratulations there. We join in and say: Happy Birthday, dear Howard Carpendale!

January 13, 2021

Howard Carpendale speaks about suicidal thoughts

On January 14th, hit guarantee Howard Carpendale celebrates his 75th birthday. "I don't feel like it at all," said the singer in an interview with "Vip". The singer is far from giving up. Howard Carpendale just loves the stage too much for that. In times of Corona, he is particularly missing that. The 74-year-old is very worried about the future of his industry. "I miss the stage. In between I have thoughts about whether I can ever be on stage again," he explains his current worries and needs. But the corona pandemic is not the only challenging situation in his life, as he now confesses to "Vip".

In 2003, the world star left the stage for the time being. But this decision was not good for him, because the "Hello again" singer fell into a deep hole. "It was a time of eight months in which I didn't know what to do with myself. And I was certainly also at risk," "Howie" describes his darkest months. The singer was overwhelmed by suicidal thoughts. With the help of his son Wayne, 43, Howard Carpendale sought help. And even if the time was probably the worst in his life, he is also grateful for it. Because that's the only way he learned to enjoy the highlights.

Important note for those affected:
Do you suffer from depression, have thoughts of suicide or do you know someone who has voiced them before? The telephone counseling offers help. It is anonymous, free and available around the clock at 0800/1110111 and 0800/1110222.
A list of nationwide aid agencies can be found on the website of the German Society for Suicide Prevention.

January 12, 2021

Rosi Jacob fights her way back to life

Rosi Jacob, 80, does not give up despite her complaints. “My knees are completely broken from the performances with the 'Jacob Sisters'. I often have to go to the hospital… ”, the singer describes her daily struggle. Then there was the fall, which resulted in numerous treatments. After her fall, she even had to use a wheelchair. But Rosi remains confident. She bravely fights her way back to life, as the singer's housekeeper tells "Neue Post".

The 80-year-old doesn't let the health setbacks get her down. "I cheer myself up with fond memories of my life and my sisters," she explains. "You get older, the lifespan is not infinite. I know that the clock is ticking. But I don't want to die yet. I'm still much too curious about life!"

Helene Fischer: Now Iris Klein is talking about the Schlagerqueen

While Iris Klein, 53, out of anger at Oliver Pocher, 42, has also been shooting against Amira Pocher, 28, for a few days and leaves the couple with no good hair, seems the mother of Daniela Katzenberger, 34, for pop singer Helene Fischer, 36, to have great sympathy. On Instagram, the former "jungle camp" candidate only has words of praise for the pop singer.

During a question and answer session on Instagram, a fan of Iris wants to know what she thinks of Helene. Your answer is clear! "Have I met personally at 'Do you have fun?' in the cloakroom. Sweet as sugar. And she's doing a mega show, "enthuses the 53-year-old. The reality TV star sweetens your message with a heart-eye emoji. Well, Helene Fischer will definitely enjoy reading that!

January 11, 2021

Howard Carpendale prepares himself for an emergency

Howard Carpendale is far from finished. The Hitgarant celebrates its 75th birthday on January 14th. The singer is far from giving up. However, he doesn't close himself off to his age either. Howard Carpendale has prepared himself for an emergency, even if his family does not want to hear about it.

For five years the "Ti amo" interpreter has wanted to have a detailed personal conversation with her. "So far they have always refused, because they did not want to admit that I will disappear at some point. But it is true," said the 74-year-old realistically.

And the pop star already knows exactly what should be on his tombstone: "Thank you". The singer has been on stage for 40 years. When he says goodbye, he doesn't want to feel like someone has to regret something. He is personally happy about the great luck that has accompanied his career.

Maite Kelly: Suddenly she almost bursts into tears online

What's wrong with Maite Kelly, 41? The pop singer published a clip on Instagram on Sunday in which she addressed her followers. The 41-year-old spoke to her community in a tear-choked voice and left one or the other user confused.

"Today I just sang my last song and just told my best friend that I am a little emotional because a very long journey is going on for me, which has been over for two years … and a new one begins with you ", she said on the photo and video platform. Maite holds the camera of her cell phone very close to her face – she's snuggled into a hoodie and is lying on the bed with the hood over her head. In addition to many warm comments, some users are also surprised by the DSDS juror. "It seems rather desperate to me. As if she felt lonely," speculated a user, for example.

It is quite possible that Maite is simply exhausted after recording her current album. Her record "Hello!" Will be released at the beginning of April. The first single, "Einfach Hello", has been on the market since January 8th.

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