Schwingen: Michael Wiget is the Bernese’s great hope for the future

Marcel W. Perren (text) and Philipp Schmidli (photos)

The Bernese often joke about the Friborg people. Nobody makes fun of Michael Wiget, even though he comes from Wünnewil FR. People in the Bern area are grateful that the 22-year-old is fighting for their colors.

«My mother is from Bern. And because wrestling sport has always enjoyed a much higher priority in the canton of Bern than in southwestern Switzerland, I decided on this path as a child. ” And the son of a country musician develops into a real screamer in the “Bärengraben” – before a competition, Wiget begins to scream loudly. “I invest so much time in wrestling that I really want to be one hundred percent ready before my serious battles. That’s why these screams also act as a wake-up call, ”he explains.