Search for ex-couple – Suspicious leads: blood, iron bar and cell phone

A divorced Bosnian ex-couple from Salzburg has been missing for days. Also on Friday the search for the two was in vain. A trail of blood in an abandoned car and a suspicious iron bar point to something bad. The missing woman’s cell phone was also apparently found. The “Krone” reported already.

It is a puzzling case. For days there has not been a single sign of life from two city Salzburgers with Bosnian roots who only divorced about a year ago. Since a meeting to sell an apartment, both the man (47) and the woman (44) are missing. A violent or even capital crime cannot be ruled out – investigations are running in all directions. Precisely because there is still not a single trace of the Bosnian ex-couple: “We are looking for”, explains Hans Wolfgruber from the Salzburg executive briefly.

Search action restricted to two areas
Since Wednesday, after a relative reported the 44-year-old missing, the officers have been on duty: from police students to service dog handlers to alpine police officers. The search was concentrated on two locations: the area around the Untersberg in Grödig and Großgmain and the Lungau Riedingtal. Why is it searched in two areas that are almost 100 kilometers apart? On the one hand, because the two of them had their cell phones logged in for the last time in the area of ​​the Latschenwirt in Großgmain – that is, right at the foot of the Untersberg. And on the other hand, because in the Lungau Riedingtal the officials discovered the Bosnian’s BMW X3 – left behind on a farm in the Zederhaus district of Wald.

As reported, a trail of blood was found inside the car. According to “Krone” information, the officers discovered a suspicious iron bar and apparently also the missing woman’s cell phone on closer inspection.

Clairvoyants answered with the wrong tip
Forensic medicine must clarify who owns the blood. A result is not yet known. The car has been seized: It is being dismantled and carefully examined for further traces, it is said. “There are still no new indications or traces,” stressed Wolfgruber when asked by “Krone”. Again and again, however, clues from the population come in, which are followed up.

Also some curious tips: This is how a clairvoyant from Germany got in touch. He thought he knew where to find the missing. But the information turned out to be wrong. Meanwhile, relatives and acquaintances of the ex-couple were interviewed – as usual in a missing person case. Nothing is excluded, not even a violent crime. The police do not want to pass on further details about the missing persons. For example, the question of whether there have been violent crimes in the couple’s relationship life is “not commented on”.